My Top 5 Aesthetically Pleasing Places in London to eat

Ok… So I’ve accepted I’m not going to have the most professional and prettiest looking blog (just yet).. but atleast lets have content ey?

My Top 5 Aesthetically pleasing places to eat and unwind in London guys… see if you can get to any of these this weekend…

Now, bear in mind I’ve only started blogging so this may change in the future when I discover even prettier places…

1. Ham Yard Hotel. This place is not known to many which is one of the best things about it. Also man is it full of Posh people…! I felt myself just casually turning posh with my “oh why what a delight!” And “thankyou dear”…It is based in Piccadilly just near the Rainforest Cafe hidden in a little street…and what a visual epiphany! My favourite was the library room and the terrace. Staff are friendly, it has a seating/ eating area, a terrace and plenty of Aesthetics to please the eyes. Afternoon tea is served between 12.30-4.30 everyday and Brunch only on Sundays.This whole hotel was filled with aesthetically pleasing rooms, restaurants and lounge areas. Which is why it came 1st. My next goal is to stay in one of their rooms- husband take note.

2. Ok this was a very close second- Churchill Hyatt Regency hotel. We happened to find this place when driving by Marble Arch. Parked up, went inside to find the most cosiest, aesthetic boasting outdoor seating area. I’m talking fur throws, comfy cushions, hanging umbrellas, flowers, aaaaaah you name it. The indoors is a bar area, occupying a fireplace, comfy sofas and plenty of Winston Churchill artwork. Two things- always check opening times (I believe it opens at 12pm) and parking isn’t free so maybe catch the tube to Marble Arch. We were allowed to park outside the hotel for 15mins as it wasn’t busy on the day. With regards to food I don’t think they serve food though there is a restaurant next door to the bar. Beverages are available. Just stick to the halal guys 👀

etch- Based in Conduit street, Sketch offered an artistic twist to the regular dining experience. This place has several different themed rooms, each with its own display of artistic simulation. I’m sorry but I wasn’t going to pay £70+ for afternoon tea for a casual day out. I opted for getting Brunch at the Glade room. It wasn’t a set menu so I could choose my spend. After we finished at the glade room we visited all the other rooms whilst they had just opened- hence grabbing some amazing pics! Book beforehand. Try go early around 10ish. Also pay a visit to the famous cubicle toilets!! Definitely worth a visit!

now the joint fourth goes to- Bourne and Hollingsworth buildings and Blixen. I couldn’t make my mind up 🤭. Blixen was a heavenly Bohemian Oasis, full of  (as my kids put it) jungle plants, rattan furniture and cosmopolitan people. The vibe was laid back and noisy. Works for me and my kids! Make a booking if going on weekends for the all day brunch and ask for a garden area seat.

B&H on the other hand was very quiet when I visited. It has a beautiful aura to it, with a fireplace, beautiful hanging plants and chic chairs. My favourite was the outdoor garden and the chairs. I was greeted by the manager Marcus who happily answered my qs and clicked me some pix! He also told me to come back on a weekend and specifically ask for him. Treatment like this makes all the difference. Brunch only on weekends. Open weekends from 10am, weekdays from 11am and book in advance!

There are plenty of places with plants I agree but to be fair both places oozed atmosphere- that’s what you want really… not to be sitting in a place staring up at a hanging plant because the other humans are too “busy” to interact..

5. Ok the fifth spot has to boast some flower power! This is why it goes to Elan. I know this has been overdone but you can’t not include this place when it comes to Aesthetics! This place has a floral wall, a floral halo (all designed by @gericasey), a swing, a cherry blossom tree, a bicycle… come on!! How more “ascethecised” do you want to get? Customer service was exceptional, plenty of freshly made cakes/pastries and halal options too. This place is perfect to go with the girls for tea or Brunch or a late night catch up as they’re open till 12 (mother’s take note for catchups after kids are put to sleep) I am yet to see a group of all male friends taking pictures against the floral backdrop lol but it can happen.

Now I can mention many more places such as Aubaine in selfridges, Petersham nurseries, Chiswick Fire station, Daisy Green collection,  Clifton nurseries… however I think these should be placed in a seperate upcoming blog..

So that’s it guys let me know what you thought… will you be checking any of these out?..

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