Top Places to Visit in London for Pictures

Ok let’s talk London. It’s full of the many touristy spots and the frequent pop-ups… and if you’re like me, where you like dressing up and then dragging a loved one with you for an impromptu photoshoot… here are my Top places to visit in London for exactly that.“Create a Spark in a Park”

Im a Park gal, I love em and my kids do too. My husband loves anything and everything once you’ve convinced him with a promise of Nandos whole chicken + two sides. MA he can eat.

Here are my favourites. Now, entry is free and parking is free everyday after 6.30pm and on Sundays. We usually drive, it’s just more convenient with kids

Holland Park. Strut a pose against the Kyoto gardens, with the freely-roaming peacocks, the garden arches, the garden maze and a whole lot more


img_6970Hyde Park, Italian gardens. Closest station is Lancaster Gate but go on a Sunday and park for free right outside. These water gardens and the statues are a perfect backdrop to bring some character to your pictures.


Regents Park. This park is full of secret ventures. Bridges taking you across the park, trees immersed in the water, secret waterfalls. And if you walk further up you come across Primrose Hill. What a VIEW!


St. James Park. Right in the heart of Central London. Beautiful floral settings, and a bridge with a view of the London eye. Parking is possible when free, but still a pain.


Richmond Park aka “Where you can get a good pic with a deer”. On the backside of the park there is another part called Terrace fields. What a place for a scenic pic! I prefer to drive here.


Kew Gardens. Are you even a true park lover if you don’t have an annual pass to these gardens? The gardens are full of beautiful trees and floral arrangements, a greenhouse, a play area for kids and seasonal floral displays. Visiting atleast three times a year is a must for us.


“Show em , Show em a Museum… If they cant be asked, show them a Gallery of ART”

OK so if you’re like me and will happily pose even in a museum or art gallery? I gotchu. However if you’d rather be behind the lens, museums and art galleries are a perfect way to capture unique pictures…so I gotchu too…

Some of my favourites in London, for pictures, are

The Natural History MuseumOne of my fav pix Iv ever takenThe Science MuseumWallace CollectionSaatchi Gallery


Even better there is a London museum photowalk happening on the 4th Feb, so contact @Ralion/@Sweetjrc and get signed up!

“Sticks and Stones don’t break my bones, but Rivers and Lakes be giving me them takes”

  • SouthBank. Perfect place to take pictures. From the London eye sides you get the perfect view of Big ben. Cross the bridge and you get a perfect view of the London eye. But not just that, there is a food market on sundays and many pop-ups down the embankment which are perfect for unique pictures such as the LOVE Festival (which I believe is still there). It’s always a struggle finding a parking here but eventually perseverance pays off. Oh and LOADS of food places around.

  • Little Venice  I love this place….it can’t truly be taken as a miniature Venice (wrong boats) but it oozes character. The vibe is very much cosmopolitan. Get your pictures from a bridge or walk alongside the canal and get someone to take a pic from the bridge. If they don’t agree throw a chicken wing at them, food is magic. A couple of roads away, you come across Clifton nurseries. Pictures amongst the flowers might be your thing
  • St Katherine’s Docklands. One of my favourite places to visit mainly because my dad used to bring us here when we were younger. Loads of cafes and restaurants around all with a view of the dock lands. Loads of parking around but very hard to navigate. I’d suggest parking down a side road and walking here (5-10mins walk).

“Bust a trip, and come and be my Tourist”…(DJ Khaled, khaled, khaled…..)

If you’re visiting London, don’t miss these hot tourist spots for that perfect picture

St Pauls. I work here and still visit this place on my off days. Get onto the millenium bridge for some perfect views of the cathedral. Better yet, visit the Madison bar in the One new change shopping mall for that perfect view. When you’re there don’t forget to visit the Host Cafe! (only open on weekdays though).


Neals yard in Covent garden– one word, Colour.Mews– OK more than two words…MEWS and Colourful houses!! You have to have to take photos down Londons most colourful sides, no matter how many times its done. I love visiting these places and every year I return to take more pics! The most famous mews are Kynance mews, Atherstone mews, St Lukes mews and Warren mews.

Red Phone booth– Just take it. It’s corny but its soooo London. I managed to grab a picture of the ‘out of order’ phone booths in Kingston- so cool!

Fenchurch- Sky Gardens. It’s free but needs to be booked online. Another place I always come back to for some amazing views of London- and did I mention it’s free?


Tower Bridge. Take pictures on the actual bridge, but get even better pictures when u walk along the Thames under the bridge. Make sure you check out Queens walk and if possible take a pic alongside the coppa club igloos. The tower bridge makes for the perfect pictures during the day or night.


Shard. You have to pay to get in. But sign up to get regular discounts and offers. I’ve never paid to get into the shard and that’s because I stayed over at the Shangri-la or I’ve chosen to go into the restaurants for food. The hotels plus point is the infinity pool overlooking the city- priceless!!

Pic from Google

So have you been to all or some of these? Are there any of your favourite places in London you can recommend to me? Please leave me a comment if so, I would love to check it out….!

Peace out homies!

Nabila la land

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