Sunnah Box…. A gift for the giver…

A few months ago I came across a sponsored ad on Instagram for a “Sunnah box”. It grabbed my attention and led me to click on the page where I came across a very unique concept. In my head, I was already gifting this box to my husband, my brother, my brother-in-law, my male friends.

The reason being was the concept behind it. To give someone a gift box full of contents that would aid them to follow the sunnah? What a rewarding experience, not just for the recipient, but also for the one gifting.

So, I did get my husband a box. When it arrived through the post I asked him to open it. He looked at me with a puzzled, as well as curious look… “Just open it boy! it ain’t food….!!” I replied shaking my head.

He opened the box and replied… “How cool is this?” Now my husband does not use the word “cool” (he usually says “sick”, “bad”… I know I know poor use of the English language). So I already knew this gift was “different”.

The box contains 2 miswaks, a miswak holder so you can carry it with you, a pouch with three bottles (One Beard oil, One Oud bottle and One bottle of pure Black Seed Oil) a Hair comb and a Beard comb. Brilliant.

At the moment my husband uses Tom Ford/Gucci Oud and Beard oils. He loves them and buys them over and over again. But it is costly and usually he wears them when going out.


Husbands Thoughts

I asked him to give me three words which came to his head when first seeing the box.

He replied “Thoughtful”, “Useful” “Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)”.

I asked him if he’d use the box and he replied “I would keep the whole box in the bathroom and use it when getting ready and store my other products in there too”.

Would he use all the products regularly? “I would use the beard oil at night.. the Miswak I would need to get used to… the hair comb doesn’t suit my hair…but the beard comb id definitely use. The oud smelt nice, wasnt too strong and lasted a long time. Black seed oil would most definitely be consumed (il put it in my protein shake)”

Overall was he happy receiving the gift, and if so, why? He replied “The unravelling of the gift box excited me, seeing the wooden box with “sunnah box” written upon it surprised me and seeing all the products inside made it very “heartfelt”.

I was pleased he felt this way. Because for me it felt like a gift I had given some thought to, and that which symbolised love.

As I wanted you guys to fully connect with this product, I interviewed the man behind this great gifting idea.

Interview with ‘Sunnah Box’ :

Wa alaikumusalam,

1) I always feel that I’m more likely to buy a product if I know a bit about the owner. What is your background?

I’m an Iranian revert to Islam and I’ve been married for a few years and I have a daughter, alhamdulillah. My background and full time job is in video editing / post production / motion graphics, which naturally fell into place after being obsessed with art, painting, graphic design, sculpting and anything else related to those subjects, from as young as I could remember.

2) In your words, what was the concept behind this box and who did you want to target with this brand?

Sunnah Box was originally supposed to be a men’s subscription box. I was inspired when I saw all these different subscription box business models and thought it would be a nice idea for the Modern Muslim man to be subscribed to a grooming kit which would give them a monthly refill pack of traditional miswaks, attar, black seed oil, zamzam water, beard oil and other goodies which represented the identity of the modern muslim man. But after spending a few months developing the idea, it naturally became the product we have on our website now listed as the Sunnah Box and has a much bigger story and holds a bigger legacy than most people realise. I will try and explain further through the rest of your questions.

3) What made you start this venture?

Again, it was just an idea I had, I literally thought “wouldn’t it be nice if this existed”, as many people do with their own ideas, but my urge to develop this product got me quickly planning and ordering stuff online to make the first every gift box for our online store.

4) Do you offer a personalisation service? Eg writing the name of the recipient? Adding extras with an additional cost?.. and so forth?

Sunnah Box is a very personal product. There are never two Sunnah Boxes that are the same. Each box is made from real wood and each wood grain is different. Coupled with what the Sunnah Box was inspired by and how it was born out of love for our Prophet , this gift box is already very personal to whoever receives it. We do offer further customisation such as gift wrapping and adding additional items in there, so yes, the product is very unique, very customisable and very personal.

5) What do you think makes your product stand out? A lot of men are using trendy big brand products (Tom Ford etc)… where is the gap in the market for your product?

It can be difficult to explain just how special Sunnah Box is. A lot of people unfortunately believe that we’ve just printed “Sunnah” on a men’s grooming box for the sake of it. However, Sunnah Box was born out of our love for the Prophet , his lifestyle and what he left behind. Sunnah Box is a grooming gift box for Muslims which was inspired by the lifestyle of our beloved Prophet and how he would look after himself. You open this wonderfully crafted wooden storage box and inside you find little bottles of various oils and miswak sticks and drawstring pouch, the wood wool interior packaging and the little card with a hadith reminder written on it… It reminds you of all the quotes, hadith, reminders you’ve read about our Prophet and makes that connection. It’s a truly special unboxing experience and that’s what it’s supposed to be, hence the name Sunnah Box.

6) What is the retail price of your product?

You can currently order Sunnah Box from our website for £24.90.

7) What is next for the brand?

It’s very interesting that you ask because this is the first time we have discussed Muslim Box co. as a brand and not just the Sunnah Box product. After we developed Sunnah Box and no longer wished to make it subscription based, we realised that the majority of our buyers were actually Muslim mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Clearly it’s a very special product which holds so much personal meaning and has been gifted hundreds and hundreds of times around the world. So the brand naturally developed into a gift box brand for Muslims and we keep listening to our customers and tweaking and improving what we’ve built as a community to put as many smiles on Muslim faces as possible. We’ve introduced a few other gift boxes like the arabic watches and Happily Ever After gift box. We’re just about to launch our Coffee Connoisseur gift box, which I’m very excited for. But it’s not all about the men! we’re also launching gift boxes for Muslim women very soon, in shaa’ Allah. It’s all in the planning. Everyone can find us on our website or via social media @muslimboxcompany and get in touch!

I hope you enjoyed this review! It was my first ever one and I wanted to do it for this special brand that is Sunnah Box. I hope this blog helped in making you decide whether you’d spend your hard earned money on a product like this. I certainly would and I’m not just saying that. The truth is, it is easy to buy your husband something because more often than not you know what he wants. But what about the other important men in your life? The brother in laws, your nephews, friends, neighbours? It is usually hard to buy something without breaking the bank and I think THIS is where Sunnah Box comes in.

Final Thoughts

Presentation/packaging: 9/10. Very current and modern packaging. Quality of box and products was high. All ingredients written on the bottles. Wooden box is of high quality and after my husband finishes with it, it’s going to become my storage box.

Concept: 10/10. Unique, thoughtful and a great gift idea for gifting to men. I think even for a man who wants to gift their male friend, this is the right product.

Usefulness: 8/10 (I think this all depends upon individuals. One suggestion would be to incorporate “add-ons” which allow you to choose what products you want packaged for the male in question).

Price: 8/10. Very reasonable pricing for what you are paying for. Not many unique gifts are around this price nowadays.

I’m looking forward to the Coffee connoisseur box and the new gift boxes for women!!

The company was kind enough to provide a discount code “NABILA10”. Please feel free to use. Follow the page and support small businesses! May we all get the success written for us.

Nabila la land

4 thoughts on “Sunnah Box…. A gift for the giver…

  1. This is a very nice gift idea for my husband and my brother. I love how you included an interview of person behind the product. It really made me like it more. Looking for the women box.
    I found your Blog on instagram and love it!! Looking forward to more interesting content 🙂


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