Noorie_Foodie… A Game Changer…

Have I told you guys how I’m not really a fan of food photography? I think it’s mainly because I’m rubbish at taking pictures myself ha! But in all seriousness… don’t you all feel a little sick seeing burgers dripping in cheese and bright yellow hollandaise sauce dripping from eggs…. ? (ew!)….

No? Ok I think I might be one of a few then…

But- as much as I hate food pages, if a page stands out I’m definitely following. The page that changed the game for me was @Noorie_Foodie…. So much so, that I directly messaged her telling her I loved her food page

Her food photography is brilliant. Almost always taken in natural lighting, and always including a picture of the actual interiors as well… Yeah yeah Iv heard certain people say “quality of food over aesthetics”… but then why not sit at home and cook yo eggs? The truth is we all like going to new places and having “aesthetics” around us makes the experience more special. #teamaestheticsforever

But it wasn’t just her photography, it was her quick straight up food reviews. A “yay” or “nay” approach.

I felt she definitely was better than all the food review pages out there and deserved a shout out so I interviewed the lovely girl behind the page (or screen….) Noorie.

So the first most obvious question, what made you want to start an instapage on food? I always loved trying out new places and so would always have friends asking me for places to go for brunch or out to eat! So I decided to start an Instagram page about it!

If people want to start a food page what three pieces of advice would you give?1, Be original because there’s lots of food pages out there. 2 Decide your target market e.g. halal, vegan etc. 3 Make sure you can take good quality pictures!

Ok so there’s no hope for me lol… Now the most appealing thing for me, about your page was your food pictures and your short precise views. What inspired you to use this style of writing? And what tricks do you use to get them food pix looking so elegant? (Because let’s admit, food pictures are not the easiest I would know..) I’m personally not a fan of reading long reviews so thought a short snappy instagram caption with ‘yays’ & ‘nays’ would be a fun and quick way to review places! The key for good pictures is a decent camera and good natural lighting! Personally really not a fan of flash!

Do u get free food offers? Because I know people would want to know the answer to that lol. The majority of my meals I pay for myself. I am occasionally invited to restaurants and get a free meal in that sense or by winning instagram competitions by restaurants.

So when you do get invited to review food for free… is it hard to stay unbiased? Of course it’s not nice being mean because at the end of the day it’s someone’s business, whether the meal is free or not. But I do believe I need to be honest and just because a meal is free it shouldn’t affect my views.


Ok so wheres the worst place you’ve eaten? The worst place is Farmacy in Notting Hill. The waiter that served us was so rude! Shrugging his shoulders at us and arguing. Worst experience!

(Oh bloody {Insert swear word})

Your pet peeves about being a food blogger (what’s difficult about it?) You never get to tuck in straight to a meal and have to wait to get the perfect picture! Which is only difficult when you’re super hungry but have to wait! Also trying to find enough new places out there to try can be difficult. But other than that I really do enjoy it☺️

What’s your favourite meal of the day? Hands down brunch is my favourite meal! It’s the perfect time of day and there’s so many options for brunch!

Your top 3 places to go out with the girls?
1) Coppa Club for the best views and lots of selfies!

2) Indulge dessert lounge for binging on desserts after a long day.

3) Christopher’s for the best french toast

For the men, your recommendations to take the wife/partner out for a special occasion? (Brunch or Dinner). Connaught is really special and its as if you’re taking your wife to Paris for the day with the pretty surrounding area! Would also recommend Coppa Club – only if you manage to get an igloo booking and Dalloway Terrace. For dinner options Tarshish is nice for special occasions!

Ooh Iv got to try The Connaught… Okay what are your top three places for “proper meaty food”? Boondocks/STAX Red Iron Burgers and Torros Steakhouse.

You’re favourite burger joint? There’s so many to choose from and I’m no specialist….Band of Burgers and Amigo burgers!

What would you suggest are the top 3 London restaurants to go with the family?
The Meat and co…anywhere in Southall and Gokyuzu.

Ah yes Southall! They have the Brilliant restaurant, Giftos and Watan. Your most favourite place to grab brunch with your friends? Eggbreak for good food and a nice cosy place where you can sit and chat for hours.

A place you would recommend for a date night?<<<
Meat and Co!

Oooh yes it is pricey so perfect for a date night ladies! (Because us ladies are worth it….damn riiiight)
Well that was my quick and snap interview with the absolutely lovely Noorie. Honestly she’s so humble and kind. Please follow her and show your support if you aren’t already.

(All pictures are taken by the talented lady herself @noorie_foodie)

Nabila la land


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